Before and After

17 08 2010

Three weeks before my wedding, which was to be held at our home, Jason and I toured the three acres and decided where to have our ceremony.

Three weeks of yard work in the high desert is hardly enough to make a space presentable.  Especially on a “we need need to finish rebuilding our house after accidentally gutting it and put in new windows and a new roof” budget.

But it was my wedding.

So with the help of my soon-to-be sister-in-law and soon-to-be aunt-in-law, I got to work.

I didn’t work any miracles, but I did make a dent in the dry, weedy chaos of the front yard.  I didn’t take nearly as many “before” pictures, but here are a few comparison shots:

So that covers the yard work.  I guess the wedding comes next…



10 05 2010

I have an addiction, and I know it.  I accept it.  Heck, I embrace it and I have suppliers who will deal to me right at my place of employment.  I confess: I will do immoral, illegal, and downright appalling things for the sake of some chocolate chip cookies.

This morning, I walked into a coworker’s classroom.  “Have you lost weight?” she exclaimed when I entered.

I explained that it must be the way I was wearing my hair or her outdated lens prescription.  In fact, I continued, I am gaining weight because, due to the insufferable winter weather and the time sink that is our new house, I really haven’t been exercising.  Besides which, strange things happen, like yesterday, when I walked out of the new house after my nap and there were lots of cheeseburgers on the grill (since we have no kitchen) and a couple ended up in my hands (and soon after, my mouth).

Lately, I’ve been having nightmares about bursting my wedding dress when I go for my next fitting.

Anyway, about 15 minutes after vehemently denying any potential weight loss, a bag of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies ended up on my desk.  Like I said, I have suppliers.

Well, I thought, no need to share.  After all, I’ve lost some weight recently.

Who could resist? Who would even try?

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