To My Husband…

13 10 2010

Yes, I’m excited about one day having a baby with you, and I really hope that happens.  But I didn’t marry you because I wanted a baby.  I married you because I love you, and I love us together.  You never know what’s going to happen.  Maybe we’ll have kids together, maybe we won’t.  Maybe we’ll live to be a hundred together, maybe we won’t.  Maybe my retirement package will pay out, probably not.  But I do know this:

whatever happens, I married the right man when I married you.*


*Unless you weren’t kidding about picking up a hooker tonight.  In that case, please disregard the message above.


Signs and Superstitions

3 10 2010

I spend my Sunday mornings cracking over a dozen eggs and making enough breakfast burritos to get me through the work week.  This has been my solution to an overly long commute.  I have a cup of tea before I hit the road and a warm breakfast once I make it to my desk.

This morning, I cracked four eggs to finish off eggs leftover from last week and started in on a fresh dozen.  The first egg went as usual.  The second egg was a double yolk.  I laughed to myself, and hoped this didn’t signify a double yolk of my own.  But the third egg had a double yolk, too, and then the fourth – a total of three double-yolked eggs.  I was sufficiently creeped out to take this photo:

Three paired yolks amidst five single yolks - very strange...

As I continued cracking eggs, it got even weirder.  One after another, the eggs produced twins.  I regretted that I was home alone, as this was surely something that required a witness of some sort.  Out of the dozen eggs, ten held two yolks each.

Since this was some sort of sign on a significant level, I decided to research double yolks in folklore.  I expected something to do with fertility.  Boy was I wrong.  Turns out that modern mythology sees double egg yolks as predictors marriage (yay!) or harbingers of a death in the family (shit).  I was unable to find out if so many signs meant that I would see multiple marriages or deaths in my family, or that Life really, really, really wanted to make her plans clear for a single wedding or funeral.  Given that I found no less than ten of these things, it seems like that number of either event would be rather excessive.

I think I read about a city in China that is known for producing twin-yolked duck eggs, and that people flock there for fertility luck.  Or maybe just good luck.  In my head, at least, it is a good sort of luck that has nothing to do with death, and people consider themselves lucky to be able to visit and partake of the double yolks.

Who knows?  Maybe my local Trader Joe’s will soon be the Fertility Mecca of the Northwest.

TEN double yolks amidst the regular ones - sixteen eggs produced all these yolks, some of which are broken.

My Name is Jill, and I Am A Procrastinator

6 09 2010

In the millions of details surrounding an event like a wedding, inevitably something will be forgotten.  It is especially true if you are hosting your wedding at your own home that has been under construction for several months, and have chosen to provide most of the food yourselves.

Something, as they say, has to give.

And that is how I found myself, exactly one week before my wedding, running into a jeweler’s shop, half way to hysterical.

“I need to get a wedding ring for my fiance,” I told the saleswoman.  “Before my wedding.  Which is Friday.”

“Okay, no problem!” she said, with calm assurance.  “What’s his ring size?”

“I have absolutely no idea.”

Well, okay, small problem.

Jason didn’t want a wedding ring, and wasn’t much help when it came to discussing ring options, which was part of the reason I put off buying the ring for so long.  All that I could get out of him was that he had a slight preference for titanium.  And titanium rings aren’t sized.  And jewelers don’t typically carry multiple sizes in their stores, they order them once they know what you want.  So if I got the wrong size, I would be stuck with it.

It took me until Monday to get a size for Jason, leaving very little time to have the ring shipped.

“Please,” I begged the saleswoman, Kim.  “Ask if they can overnight it.”

They could.  And they did.

Here I am with Kim, picking up Jason’s ring with 72 hours to go.  I might look a little teary-eyed; that’s because we were having last-minute photographer issues.  But I had a ring.

* * *

As I left the house to go pick up the ring, Jason met me at the gate.

“I’m coming with you,” he said, rather curtly (we were both a bit tense from the stress at this point).

“What do you need?” I asked, irritated that I would have to run more errands.

“I have to find a shirt to wear to the wedding.”

Well, at least we have something in common…

Before and After

17 08 2010

Three weeks before my wedding, which was to be held at our home, Jason and I toured the three acres and decided where to have our ceremony.

Three weeks of yard work in the high desert is hardly enough to make a space presentable.  Especially on a “we need need to finish rebuilding our house after accidentally gutting it and put in new windows and a new roof” budget.

But it was my wedding.

So with the help of my soon-to-be sister-in-law and soon-to-be aunt-in-law, I got to work.

I didn’t work any miracles, but I did make a dent in the dry, weedy chaos of the front yard.  I didn’t take nearly as many “before” pictures, but here are a few comparison shots:

So that covers the yard work.  I guess the wedding comes next…

This and That

5 08 2010

In 8 days, I’m getting married.  At my house.  Which is under construction.

If that doesn’t excuse me from frequent blog posts, I don’t know what will.

I spent the first month of summer vacation pretty much refusing to do anything remotely productive, and I really don’t regret that time.  But when I got back from Costa Rica, I entered blind-panic-frantic-help-me-one-hundred-people-are-descending-on-my-house-in-a-month mode.  What a rush.

I’ve been attempting to bring my yard back from the brink of death.  The results?  My back is peeling from a blistered sunburn, my arms are scratched, my feet are black from gardening in Crocs, my hands are blistered, my nails are torn and cracked, and my back is so sore I can’t stand up.  Oh, yeah, and my yard has reached a mediocre, could-be-worse state that is simply going to have to do.

And then I got a speeding ticket.

Jason told my mom over the phone.  “Jill got a speeding ticket,” he said.  “Jill did?” my mom asked, stunned.  The thing is, I never really go over the speed limit.  But I was trying to pass some guy before the end of the passing lane, he kept speeding up – and over the crest of the hill we were reaching came an entire convoy of police returning from a conference.

Okay, so tough break.

The fact is, it’s still summer vacation.

So let’s just…

My soon-to-be aunt and I enjoy the boat after a long day of chores and hard work.

Sometimes, you just have to let it go.

My Mom Told Me, “If You Can’t Say Something Nice…”

24 06 2010

Jason and I are planning an unconventional wedding.  It’s perfect for the two of us, as we each have our own way of bucking conventions.  Mostly, it’s been a good laugh, and we have had overwhelming support from people who know us, and even from people who don’t.

And, really, what could be more fun than a wedding inspired by a horror movie?

So I was shocked, downright appalled, hurt, and horrified to receive this RSVP card in the mail:

Really, an invitation to a wedding is not a solicitation of opinion or judgement.  Who sees an RSVP card as an opportunity to vent?

But I thought about it for awhile.  Jason Voorhee’s mother saw summer camp as an opportunity to vent (by murdering dozens of innocent people, but still…), and we are using our date of Friday the 13th as a jumping-off point for our whole wedding.

And, really, our wedding is all about celebrating the unusual, the out-of-the-ordinary, and the unconventional.  And what is more conventional than manners?  So I suppose, upon reflection, this response is right in the spirit of our wedding plans.

I was forming a variety of acidic responses to the sender of that card as I walked my dog this evening.  My thoughts were interrupted by this amazing moment:

I was stunned by the sight of this little family, not fifteen feet from the path on which Charlie and I were walking.  I snapped this shot as I tried to block them from Charlie’s vision.

You know what?

They don’t give a damn about the theme of my wedding.

And in all honesty, I don’t either.

I care about the man I’m marrying.

Summer Vacation: Day 1

17 06 2010

My first day of summer vacation was not exactly photo-inspiring.  It was a cold, drizzly day that didn’t feel like summer at all.  It did, however, feel like vacation.  I have been looking forward to the commencement of my first real summer vacation for nearly three years now, all through two summers of grad school.  It would have been nice to start it off with 80 degree, sunny weather, but I’ll take sleeping in until 9 in any weather.

I made it out to the new house/construction site by 11, and walked the property in a break between showers.

The flowers spoke of sunshine, even if the clouds told a different story.

I went back to my mom’s house to recover from my excursion to the paint store and the new house.  After a hearty meal and some quiet reading time, I eventually managed to leave the house again, this time to walk Charlie.  Naturally, we ended up in a heavy shower.  Charlie cared not one bit.

The sunglasses are pure optimism; the hood, required.  I wore my jeans and hoodie in deference to the weather, but determinedly wore my Chaco sandals – we leave for Costa Rica in just a couple of weeks, and need to be sandal-ready by then.  Obviously, I could use a pedicure, too.

That’s what walking in the mud gets you.

The highlight of my wanderings was this brilliant flower:

It was just growing along the curbside, and was so brilliant it hurt to look at it.  Notice the raindrops all around.  The sky was the same color as the sidewalk, so we were just surrounded by gray.  Then here is this little red flower, just humming with vibrancy.  Amazing.

Anyway, my to-do list included writing thank you notes for my bridal shower gifts, emailing several people who emailed me weeks ago, cleaning up my wedding invite list, starting a decent summer fitness routine, finishing a book that’s overdue at the library, and catching up on several years of inadequate sleep.

Didn’t get any of that done, but at least I took care of the most important chore of my life:

Can’t wait for Day 2.

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