What We Were Doing

14 05 2010

While I was doing these:

Jason and his brother were doing this:

And Charlie was doing this:

Some kind of weird, 1950s-era domestic bliss.



10 05 2010

I have an addiction, and I know it.  I accept it.  Heck, I embrace it and I have suppliers who will deal to me right at my place of employment.  I confess: I will do immoral, illegal, and downright appalling things for the sake of some chocolate chip cookies.

This morning, I walked into a coworker’s classroom.  “Have you lost weight?” she exclaimed when I entered.

I explained that it must be the way I was wearing my hair or her outdated lens prescription.  In fact, I continued, I am gaining weight because, due to the insufferable winter weather and the time sink that is our new house, I really haven’t been exercising.  Besides which, strange things happen, like yesterday, when I walked out of the new house after my nap and there were lots of cheeseburgers on the grill (since we have no kitchen) and a couple ended up in my hands (and soon after, my mouth).

Lately, I’ve been having nightmares about bursting my wedding dress when I go for my next fitting.

Anyway, about 15 minutes after vehemently denying any potential weight loss, a bag of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies ended up on my desk.  Like I said, I have suppliers.

Well, I thought, no need to share.  After all, I’ve lost some weight recently.

Who could resist? Who would even try?

My Dog Doesn’t Know His Own Name

9 05 2010

I held a freshly grilled cheeseburger in my hand.  “Charlie!” I called.  He continued to wander away from me.  “Charlie.  Charlie!”  Nothing.  “Refrigerator!”  For some reason, this caught his attention, and he ran over to me.  My dog, who was apparently named Refrigerator in a previous life, accepted the proffered hunk of beef.

Boy, I love that dog.  But at nearly 12 years old, it seems unlikely that he’ll ever learn my language.


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