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17 08 2011


Davis Lake is one of my favorite places to camp with Jason and the dog.  We didn’t make it out there last summer, so I was happy to get there this year.

Gotta love summer when you’re camping at a lake.



2pm @ My House

4 08 2011



34 Weeks: POP!

2 08 2011

A few weeks ago, I was getting sweet little comments from strangers.  You know, the cashier at Trader Joe’s: “You are just perfectly pregnant right now,” and the older gentleman I passed while walking Charlie: “You are looking great, really fit…”

It was, you know, fabulous and flattering.  Until I thought about having, like, two months left of growing.  During which a healthy baby gains about 4 pounds.  That’s 4 pounds added directly onto my belly, mind you.  And then the comments change to things like, “You have how many weeks left?  That can’t be right!” and “You look like you’re going to have that baby right now!” and “Is your water going to break, ’cause that’s kind of gross.”

Today, I realized I’m almost there.

And by “almost there,” I don’t mean almost to having a baby, which is still 3 to 8 weeks away.  I mean almost to the point when people stare at me because I no longer fit the classic dimensions of what we call human.  When my belly button is in a different zip code from the rest of my body.  When I no longer look possible and yet I continue to grow…

In fact, from certain angles, I may have already arrived.

And about the shirt?

Oh, yeah, I did realize part way through the day that I was exposing an inch or two of bare skin – and not the flat, tan belly of last summer, but white and veiny preggo belly.

I’ve seen pregnant women sport that look before.

When Jennifer Aniston did it on Friends, I thought it was kind of a hot look.

When I had my peak rock climbing body and I saw other pregnant women with that gap between their shirts and skirts, I thought it was kind of a matronly look.

When my biological clock was ringing alarms, I thought women showing that belly were smug and self-satisfied.

Ah.  Well.

Now I understand the look.  It is the “It’s 90 f-ing degrees outside, I’ve blown my wad on maternity clothes that are falling six weeks short of covering this pregnancy, my feet don’t fit in any of my damn shoes, and I’m lucky I had the energy to cover this much of myself” look.

It is also the “I’ve spent 3 weeks contemplating perineum massage, and frankly, once you’ve googled that, any amount of belly looks just fine” look.

It is also the “HA HA, not one stitch of this clothing is maternity!” look, although that says more about the elasticity of my pre-pregnancy clothes than it does about me retaining some semblance of a reasonable figure into the third trimester.

I have to say, though, with about six weeks left to go… still loving it.


25 07 2011

This is what summer is all about:

Charlie at the Coast

15 07 2011

The car was packed, so I knew something good was happening, but I didn’t know what until after a loooooong car ride.  We were camping!  At the beach!  I was really excited, but waited patiently while my people set up camp.  Then…

… we finally went to the beach, and I ran and ran and ran and ran.  It was great!

I got to meet lots of people who were also on the beach.

These were my favorite people:

They fed me lots and lots of cheese and crackers even though my mom said just a little cheese was okay.  I liked them!

All that running and eating got me tired so I was okay when we stopped for a little nap.

But after a nap, I was ready for more action.

And those stupid seagulls were just perfect for some inspiration to exercise.

I would have stayed forever and even found a good place to hide.

But my people said it was time to go home.

As much as I like the beach, I guess I like home, too.

Maybe we’ll go again tomorrow…




15 07 2011

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Lazy Days

12 07 2011

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