I Totally Called It…

4 08 2011

So just 2 days after my I’m-Really-Getting-Humongous Post, I’m in line at Target (where I am frantically spending the last dollars of my last paychecks as quickly as possible) and the woman in front of me gives me a big smile.

“So, you’re due any day?”

“Nope.  Like, five or six weeks.”

“So it’s twins?”

“Nope.  Just one little girl.”


On the way out, we passed each other, and she did seem slightly mortified by her comments, and apologized profusely.  However, since she had just made my blog prediction come true, I was able to be quite gracious and polite about the whole exchange.

Besides, it’s time to learn to censor my retorts, since I’m way too big to waddle away with any sort of dignity.


Baby, You’re Getting On My Nerves

27 07 2011

My sciatic nerve, specifically.  You seem to have mistaken it for a drum or some other object you can abuse at will.  Don’t get me wrong: I am happy to have you right where you are; I just want you to understand that I might not be quite so well rested as I would like if something doesn’t change.

Speaking of change… My honeymoon with pregnancy ended dramatically as week 32 came to a close.  I am still thrilled to feel you move around, I still spend plenty of time staring at my belly in the mirror because I want to see  you move.  I am still frantically preparing for your arrival, and daydreaming about who you will be, and eating very expensive nitrate-free lunch meat so as not to expose you to cancer-causing preservatives.  But, Baby, things did get tough this week.

Here’s how the week is shaping up:

– pick up packages from the post office

– attend yoga to deal with sciatica/carpal tunnel

– shop at Target

– attend water fitness to deal with sciatica/carpal tunnel

have wedding ring cut off of finger

– midwife appointment

– schedule chiro appointment to deal with sciatica/carpal tunnel

You see how things have gotten a little tough.  I would totally stay 30 weeks pregnant for 9 months.  33 weeks pregnant?  Nope, not a chance.


First I did this to my wedding ring. Then I told Jason I had to move to a different bed because my sciatica is so painful at night. Oh, sacrificing our marriage for our child began in earnest this week...

But, Baby?  While this hasn’t been the best week of my pregnancy?  You still make me happier than I’ve ever been.


16 07 2011

Back when we first knew we were pregnant, I needed some sort of retail fix to feel really pregnant.  This was back when “pregnant” meant a blue line on a stick, as opposed to now, when “pregnant” means it’s awkward to bend over and I have to sleep with six pillows to support myself.

Anyway, I began shopping all the fabulous daily baby deals online (babyhalfoff, greenbabybargains, ecobabybuys, zullily, babysteals, babyheist, minibargainz… there’s a few…), but I decided I would only buy diapers.  I figured they would be something gender neutral and practical, yet cute enough to satisfy my urge to begin preparing for the little demon.

Today, I realized I should really take stock of what I have managed to stash over those first few months.

Here’s what I ended up with:

A pretty good assortment… and an educational experience.  Planning to cloth diaper?  Here’s some key words you’ll need to learn:

fitted diapers


pocket diapers

diaper covers





disposable inserts

cloth inserts


stripping (not as cool as it sounds)

minky and bamboo and organic cotton and hemp and fleece and polyester…




I even got a couple of diapers that are envelope diapers, a term that hasn’t really hit the cloth diapering community yet.

Of course, parenting comes with all sorts of new vocabulary.  But when you think of what diapers are actually used for… I mean, it’s pretty impressive how much thought goes into collecting poop.

May I Help You, Sir?

9 06 2010

Best Toy Ever

31 05 2010

When I saw the Rody in the documentary “Babies,” I just had to have one.  Never mind that I don’t have kids and my only niece and nephew live on the other side of the continent.  I needed a Rody of my own.

Not a week later, I was walking past a toy store in downtown, and spied a Rody in the window.  I immediately purchased him.  I walked all the way home with my new best friend tucked under my arm.

Here he is:

I mean, really.  Who doesn’t love a face like that?

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