She Will Wear Pink Dresses and Play in the Dirt

28 06 2012

Because life is short.

Because I have to do laundry, anyway.

Because all too soon, dirt won’t be as much fun.

Because she’s growing up too fast.

Because she’s almost too big for these clothes.

Because we have nothing better to do.

Because dirt means baths, and baths are fun.

Because of hidden treasures. Like sticks and rocks.

Because if you’re bored with a baby, put her down to see what she’ll do.  Then pick her up so you can run into the house for the camera.  Then start taking photos.  And an hour later, wonder how time went by so fast.

Because time does go by fast.

So she’ll wear her pink dress.

And play in the dirt.


Someday, She’ll Know About Disney Princesses

3 03 2012

But today, she is the daughter of a fish biologist…

And a hopeless tomboy…

And nobody has told her not to play in the dirt…

Or that fairy wands are more fun than fishing poles…

Or that slimy things are gross…

And that’s just the way it should be.

Summer Vacation, Days 2 and 3

18 06 2010

When I met up with the crew, Jason was busy dealing with this little incident.

No harm done, just a little wetter than anybody realized. Two feet of mud is pretty deep.

Charlie and I headed off to enjoy the valley's greenery.

And we looked good doing it, too. Meanwhile, the crew had to work. Gotta love being a teacher, at least in late June.

We saw a little bit of wildlife. Not much sun, so this snake was moving very slowly.

On our second day, we did some more hiking while Jason worked. Here, Charlie is refreshing himself with some spring water. Just wait for the giardia post.

Here is us, not lost, which is good because I left my Christmas GPS from my mom at home.

On our second hike of the day, 13-year-old Charlie put up quite a bit of resistance. It made me nostalgic for those days when he could hike 14 miles in a day, take a nap, and wake up and do it again.

Charlie was DONE at this point. No posing for the camera, no time for a second shot or readjusted camera positioning. See how lovingly I tried to force his head into the shot? He was determined to head down the trail back to the car.

SO, I didn’t get my sleeping all day, my couch-and-book time, my chore time.  But I did get slightly better photos than I would have if Jason hadn’t convinced me to drive over here.  Although I do look good in bunny slippers.

Walk Around in Circles

11 05 2010

I let Charlie lead us on our walks, figuring he doesn’t have too many choices in his life (mostly due to his unfortunate lack of opposable thumbs and common sense).  I just follow him on his daily excursion.

Today, he walked out the front door.  Finding the garage door open, he walked into the garage.  I opened the door to the house, and he went in.  He led me to the front door and out again.

If I hadn’t been prudent enough to close the garage door the second time around, we might never have left our property.

a lone pine blowing in the spring breeze

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