Glamour Girls

8 06 2010

Phil came to town.  Phil is one of those magical people who turn every day into an adventure, and every object into a prize.  She’s like a smoking, drinking Mary Poppins, but with a better wardrobe.

Phil brought Didi, a hairdresser’s dummy head.  Didi began the adventure in the wee hours, propped up on a 2×4 outside the bathroom window.

Needless to say, Didi gave some of the crew quite the wake up call.

Phil and I decided that her hair (real human hair, mind you, though it was rather overworked) was in need of a shampoo and a rinse.  It made a world of difference to dear Didi:

Since we were already fully engrossed in our Barbie Doll world, we decided to accessorize.  Really, Didi looked great and Phil and I were as happy as 8-year-olds with American Girl dolls.

But we’re adults.  We couldn’t play with dolls all night.  More of the pack arrived, including 3-year-old Addy.  Phil and I moved on to play Curtain Rod Wars – Phil won, hands down, but made it seem like it didn’t matter that I lost, because that’s the kind of magic she has.  People began loading vehicles to head out to dinner.  Addy and her mother stayed at the house to explore the property.  Meanwhile, poor Didi had met a bad end:


While we waited for our dinner to be served, Addy’s dad got a text message from her mom: “Addy wants to know why there’s a woman in the dumpster.

Honestly, some things just aren’t funny once you have to explain them to a 3-year-old.  Even Phil’s powers have their limits.

Still…  I can’t wait to see what Phil brings on her next visit.


The World Beyond the Wardrobe

31 05 2010

Charlie has discovered The Land Beneath the Deck.  He approaches the entry with something like apprehension, but then scrabbles his way into The Land.  He disappears for long stretches of time.

Having read far too many books, I have developed the theory that he is taking tea with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, or, unfortunately, with the White Queen.  Or perhaps he is having a pint of butterbeer in the Three Broomsticks.  Either way, I am tempted to try to follow him.  So far, though, I haven’t worked up the courage.

He is late for his tea (or butterbeer)!

It's a tight squeeze, but worth it for the adventure...

The Return

"Damn, she caught me!"

Gate to Nowhere

14 05 2010

While expecting guests to arrive imminently, Jason took the time to build a gate to nowhere.  It’s not actually a gate to nowhere, I guess, it’s a gate to the public land beyond our property.  It just seemed odd to build a gate when he could be, say, putting in a kitchen or a floor or something.  I probably didn’t sound as excited as he expected when he told me he put the gate in.

“Why’d you put in a gate?”

“So there wasn’t just a hole in the fence.”

“But there wasn’t a hole in the fence until you cut one to put in a gate!”

“And now there’s a gate.”

This circular conversation wasn’t going to get me anywhere, so I decided to see where the gate would take me.

the meadow beyond The Gate

the meadow in the evening sun

the hermit's hut; he was out

a warning for trespassers? perhaps. these bones were covered in ants that stung the shit out of poor charlie's face when he tried to grab one.

So the gate is nice.  Is it functional-kitchen-nice?  Is it somewhere-for-our-guests-to-shower-nice?  Is it ready-to-move-in-nice?  Well, those are stretching it.  But it is awfully nice.

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