Signs and Superstitions

3 10 2010

I spend my Sunday mornings cracking over a dozen eggs and making enough breakfast burritos to get me through the work week.  This has been my solution to an overly long commute.  I have a cup of tea before I hit the road and a warm breakfast once I make it to my desk.

This morning, I cracked four eggs to finish off eggs leftover from last week and started in on a fresh dozen.  The first egg went as usual.  The second egg was a double yolk.  I laughed to myself, and hoped this didn’t signify a double yolk of my own.  But the third egg had a double yolk, too, and then the fourth – a total of three double-yolked eggs.  I was sufficiently creeped out to take this photo:

Three paired yolks amidst five single yolks - very strange...

As I continued cracking eggs, it got even weirder.  One after another, the eggs produced twins.  I regretted that I was home alone, as this was surely something that required a witness of some sort.  Out of the dozen eggs, ten held two yolks each.

Since this was some sort of sign on a significant level, I decided to research double yolks in folklore.  I expected something to do with fertility.  Boy was I wrong.  Turns out that modern mythology sees double egg yolks as predictors marriage (yay!) or harbingers of a death in the family (shit).  I was unable to find out if so many signs meant that I would see multiple marriages or deaths in my family, or that Life really, really, really wanted to make her plans clear for a single wedding or funeral.  Given that I found no less than ten of these things, it seems like that number of either event would be rather excessive.

I think I read about a city in China that is known for producing twin-yolked duck eggs, and that people flock there for fertility luck.  Or maybe just good luck.  In my head, at least, it is a good sort of luck that has nothing to do with death, and people consider themselves lucky to be able to visit and partake of the double yolks.

Who knows?  Maybe my local Trader Joe’s will soon be the Fertility Mecca of the Northwest.

TEN double yolks amidst the regular ones - sixteen eggs produced all these yolks, some of which are broken.


Spring, Actually

5 06 2010

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It was spring for a morning, and Charlie made the most of it.  As my mom and I sipped iced tea, Charlie curled up beneath some bushes and tried to relax during a much-needed break from the rain.  The sunshine didn’t last, so I’m glad I was able to capture the moment.

I’m afraid I committed some camera abuse, as this slide show represents less than half of the photos I took…

Not A Dog Fight

31 05 2010

I have been spending weekends here at the new house for over a month now, and have developed a morning routine.  I make my coffee (on the camp stove, on the grill, on the temporary stove in the deconstructed kitchen), bundle up, and take a walk around the property.

The dogs, of course, love to follow.  Inevitably, the two dogs, who mostly ignore each other, commence our stroll with thirty seconds of exuberant playfulness.  During the half-minute revelry, they pounce on each other, chase each other, and crash into my knees at bone-cracking velocities.

As inevitable as this brief interaction is, just as inevitable is it’s abrupt end.  The two dogs each find something more interesting than the other dog, and off they go in different directions.

But here is a piece of the action:

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Morning After

30 05 2010

Enjoying the morning sun, a cup of coffee, an empty truck, and an abandoned couch: Perfect

Morning in a House Undone

9 05 2010

Evidence of the Season

9 05 2010

This tree was humming: bees!

Can’t complain.

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