For a Cause

9 07 2011

So who wouldn’t want to walk for 3 hours and 33 minutes for a good cause?  Up a butte with a 500 foot elevation gain and back down, over and over?  In July?  I mean, sign me up, right?


That’s how my mom and I spent our morning, and while we didn’t win a mug, we did raise money for… well, something that benefits children.  Probably.

I was pretty excited to participate in my second organized sporting event as a visibly pregnant chick.  It’s been two months since the Pole Pedal Paddle, though, and this walk was longer and more physically demanding than rowing a canoe.

By the time we were halfway done, my hands had swollen to an alarming size, the balls of my feet could hardly bear my weight, and I had consumed so much water that I was using the restroom at the top and the bottom of the hill – even though it was only a 15 minute walk down.

But the goal was to keep walking for 3:33 (how appropriate for 3rd trimester, and for 30 weeks), and we did it!

Now… to go ice those feet…

The point-and-shoot didn't like the sunshine, so our images barely showed up at all without some heavy-duty editing. But here I am, early on in the walk-a-thon!


Where the Buffalo Roam

23 06 2010

My idea of a “present” for my dog is a shoe box with a couple of treats inside, duct-taped shut.  This can entertain us both for quite awhile.  I rarely buy dog treats or toys for Charlie, though I do feed him my leftovers (and I make sure there are leftovers every time I eat).  But while I may be cheap, I’m not above begging for my dog.

I convinced my mom that Charlie really wanted the stuffed buffalo toy at Orvis for Christmas, and being the mom that she is:

Charlie really does love the buffalo – to a degree that surprises me.  Charlie has been carrying around the same blanket for 10 years, dragging it up and down stairs, suckling and chewing on it, and generally demonstrating that he should have been named Linus.  But recently, he’s come to prefer his buffalo, which is nice.  It’s more age-appropriate.

It’s also more portable than his blanket (the remnants, now, of a twin comforter).  And since we’ve been traveling a bit, the buffalo has been in the car.  I look into my rearview mirror to see Charlie staring out the window with his mouth full of buffalo.  Cute.

Charlie loves having his buffalo everywhere he goes.  He’s also decided that he loves his buffalo so much he needs to bury it.

Seriously, Charlie?  Are you going to go back to Davis Lake next spring and unearth it after a long, lean winter?  What, exactly, is your plan here?

Now I have to spend time picking foxtails out of the damn thing because they don’t come out in the wash.  And when I try to get it away from him long enough to dust it off, this is what I get:

Maybe I’m better off with shoeboxes, a few dog treats, and duct tape.  Lots of duct tape.

Spring, Actually

5 06 2010

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was spring for a morning, and Charlie made the most of it.  As my mom and I sipped iced tea, Charlie curled up beneath some bushes and tried to relax during a much-needed break from the rain.  The sunshine didn’t last, so I’m glad I was able to capture the moment.

I’m afraid I committed some camera abuse, as this slide show represents less than half of the photos I took…


10 05 2010

My mom knit me these socks. They make me smile.

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