11 05 2011


Doing It My Way

11 10 2010

So, with the threat of doctor-assisted miscarriage hanging over my uterus, I was determined to finish this pregnancy off before my appointment this afternoon through mind-over-body techniques.

This was before I read enough about the process to realize that some women experience near-painless miscarriages, others minor cramping, and some lucky ones get to have excruciating pain.

Last night, around 10pm, I discovered what category I fall into.  It was a quick phone call to Jason, who was out with friends: “Get home now.”  First phone call like that I’ve made, so he took it pretty well.

It was after midnight when I found myself walking laps around the driveway trying to ease my discomfort.

Something started scrabbling under the deck.

I thought of the three skunked dogs.  I thought of the coyotes we hear sometimes.  I thought of the dead deer (read: bait) hanging in the nearby garage.

Instead, out popped this:

Jason, upon learning of this intruder – who immediately found the deer and started tasting – stormed out of the house with a gun, ready to make kitty stew.

Then the kitten jumped into his arms.

The very hungry kitten stuck around, so we let him sleep in our house last night to avoid freezing to death.

In the morning, my cramps seemed to have subsided.  I made the very, very stupid decision to head to work.  Note to women out there: avoid driving an hour to work in the middle of a miscarriage.  I worked for a couple of hours before I realized I had to leave while I could still drive myself.

I got home and found Charlie and the kitten enjoying the sunshine together in the yard.

Did not so much care, as I was almost immediately stricken to the floor by an hour and a half of bone-shaking cramps.  I crawled and writhed around on the floor sobbing while Jason watched a movie and encouraged me to sit down and relax.

As the doctor said later that afternoon, it’s nice when the body takes care of things naturally.  Nice, she said, and traumatic.

I’m still recovering from my successful avoidance of medical procedures, and will be for at least another day.

But now I have some company while I do it (Charlie is busy “helping” with the deer processing).


Watching "The Simpsons" on Hulu

We’ll try to find an owner, but it’s a rather feral, unfixed male who was pretty hungry and has few social skills, so it seems like the kitty probably found itself a home.

Jason’s comments on cats previous to last night have been limited to threatening to kill them and relating the many Carbon-caused kitty deaths he’s witnessed.

But he’s the one that let it in the house.

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