Time to Go

30 05 2010

Moving Out Day arrived in good time, beginning a mere 4 hours behind schedule.  Of course, our Moving In Day is still some ways out.  Currently, the house is livable: running water, shower and toilets up and working, fridge humming in the garage, and even a temporary stove in the kitchen.  But it’s not yet efficient.  Here is an example of the facilities:

Home Sweet Home: The Bathroom is Kitchen

There is something to be said for storing your clean dishes above the pot.  It’s easy to pour a glass of wine (or something stronger) while getting your business done.

Jason’s crew of friends and employees helped ease the stress and strain of moving.  They showed up in force to help load the U-Haul and to entertain us with their antics:

Jansen didn’t realize the danger of posing as a buck in La Pine, just yards from BLM land.  It might not be the season, but I don’t imagine the locals would hesitate to take down a multi-pointer wandering through the neighborhood.  Luckily for us, Jansen survived, because we really needed his muscles.

By just a little after midnight, we achieved our goal for the day:

So that’s that.  Now, we get to anticipate Moving In.  Soon, I hope – once I recover from moving out, that is.


Packing By The Numbers

23 05 2010

Days until the move: 5

Songs played while packing: 117

Showers scrubbed: 1

Loads of laundry: 6

Times I wandered aimlessly around the living room: 1,500

Rolls of scotch tape found in my desk drawers: 8

Times I checked facebook: 150

Snacks I ate: 4

Blog updates: 2

Hours my future in-laws spent packing: 2

Number of boxes they packed: 10

Hours I spent packing: 9

Number of boxes I packed: <1

Thank you, Patty and Doug.

Totally Beside the Point

20 05 2010

From: chris

To: jill

Subject: kitchen massing model

hopefully this is helpful, it’s difficult to frame interior spaces this small in a computer modeling program, but hopefully this gives an idea of the organization.



From: jill

To: chris

Subject: Re: kitchen massing model

Your computer modeling program makes my ass look fat.


Pole Pedal Paddle Pre-Party (Px5)

15 05 2010

The guests begin to arrive...

...and make themselves at home...

...despite no kitchen floor...

...no hot water...

...life is still good.

The Architect Gets His Hands Dirty

14 05 2010

Chris, who kindly has not objected to my posting of his image on the internet.  In all honesty, he hasn’t seen the pictures, nor does he know they’re posted.  But more importantly, he hasn’t objected.

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