Imminent Relocation

19 05 2010

I’m moving in a week and a half.

9 months ago, I was moving in a week and a half.  My whole house looked like this:

Granted, it was somewhat overwhelming.  Still, a profusion of stuff seems to be an indication that packing has been undertaken.

Today, my house looks just like it did a few weeks ago, which is to say rather dusty and cluttered.  The couch-potato recliner is comfortable telling the world “I like it here just fine,” while the books on my desk regally proclaim “We are entitled to stay.”  The shoes on the floor indicate I might squeeze in another run before I pack them.  The dishes badly want to be used then washed then dried one last time before being taken away.

And here I sit, blogging about packing rather than getting up and doing it, which is just what I was doing 9 months ago.  True, I did successfully move last August.  But I have a rather dim memory of lying on the floor in an empty room (empty because my roommate had  moved out, not because I had boxed it up), sobbing inconsolably, convinced that I would never be done in time.

Ah, but I’m sure it will be different this time.



What We Were Doing

14 05 2010

While I was doing these:

Jason and his brother were doing this:

And Charlie was doing this:

Some kind of weird, 1950s-era domestic bliss.

Morning in a House Undone

9 05 2010

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