1 07 2011


Gate to Nowhere

14 05 2010

While expecting guests to arrive imminently, Jason took the time to build a gate to nowhere.  It’s not actually a gate to nowhere, I guess, it’s a gate to the public land beyond our property.  It just seemed odd to build a gate when he could be, say, putting in a kitchen or a floor or something.  I probably didn’t sound as excited as he expected when he told me he put the gate in.

“Why’d you put in a gate?”

“So there wasn’t just a hole in the fence.”

“But there wasn’t a hole in the fence until you cut one to put in a gate!”

“And now there’s a gate.”

This circular conversation wasn’t going to get me anywhere, so I decided to see where the gate would take me.

the meadow beyond The Gate

the meadow in the evening sun

the hermit's hut; he was out

a warning for trespassers? perhaps. these bones were covered in ants that stung the shit out of poor charlie's face when he tried to grab one.

So the gate is nice.  Is it functional-kitchen-nice?  Is it somewhere-for-our-guests-to-shower-nice?  Is it ready-to-move-in-nice?  Well, those are stretching it.  But it is awfully nice.

Evidence of the Season

9 05 2010

This tree was humming: bees!

Can’t complain.

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