25 07 2011

This is what summer is all about:


From the Road

18 06 2010

Day 1 of my summer vacation ended with the commencement of my first trip of the summer.  Jason’s crew is training in the college town in which he lived until last September.  His parents live nearby.  While I had big plans to sleep late, lay on the couch and read, and finish up a variety of domestic maintenance tasks, Jason lured me west with talk of a river float.  The river didn’t cooperate, but I headed over the mountain anyway.  Because I do like floating rivers, but I’m rather fond of Jason, too.

The drive from high desert to mountain pass to valley wasn’t nearly as dramatic as usual, since this year’s record-breaking rainfall has damaged the desert’s arid reputation.  And the rain continued all along my drive.  It didn’t make for great driving conditions, but you have to just drink up all that green.

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Scenes from Sunday

6 06 2010

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