Eating for How Many?

16 09 2010

My little pregnancy-update-via-email told me today that doctors want women to let go of that “eating for two” mentality during pregnancy.

Meanwhile, my midwife has asked for me to track my food intake for five days prior to my next appointment.

And, heading back to work, I looked around for a cute new lunch box before realizing that I really just need a big canvas bag to hold all my food containers.

So food has been on my mind.

This is what I take to work each day:

And that doesn’t include my food stash that stays at work: hummus, some chocolate, extra crackers.  And it doesn’t include any doughnuts or cookies or chocolate that someone might have put in the break room as a treat (I do try very, very hard to avoid the break room).

Here is part of today’s report for the midwife:

breakfast burrito, yogurt with honey and blueberries, Puffins cereal, carrots, snap peas, tomatoes, bread and hummus, dark chocolate, mango, strawberries, Goldfish crackers, Chocolate Cat Cookies (Trader Joe’s, I am SO addicted to cat cookies), plus a bottle of mint water and chai tea with soy milk

But that’s just what I ate while I was at work.  I get off work at 4, and there’s still plenty of eating to be done.

I have read that while pregnant women shouldn’t “eat for two,” they do need an extra 100-300 calories a day, depending on the trimester.

So, I guess I’ll go have another piece of chocolate…


Summer Vacation: Day 1

17 06 2010

My first day of summer vacation was not exactly photo-inspiring.  It was a cold, drizzly day that didn’t feel like summer at all.  It did, however, feel like vacation.  I have been looking forward to the commencement of my first real summer vacation for nearly three years now, all through two summers of grad school.  It would have been nice to start it off with 80 degree, sunny weather, but I’ll take sleeping in until 9 in any weather.

I made it out to the new house/construction site by 11, and walked the property in a break between showers.

The flowers spoke of sunshine, even if the clouds told a different story.

I went back to my mom’s house to recover from my excursion to the paint store and the new house.  After a hearty meal and some quiet reading time, I eventually managed to leave the house again, this time to walk Charlie.  Naturally, we ended up in a heavy shower.  Charlie cared not one bit.

The sunglasses are pure optimism; the hood, required.  I wore my jeans and hoodie in deference to the weather, but determinedly wore my Chaco sandals – we leave for Costa Rica in just a couple of weeks, and need to be sandal-ready by then.  Obviously, I could use a pedicure, too.

That’s what walking in the mud gets you.

The highlight of my wanderings was this brilliant flower:

It was just growing along the curbside, and was so brilliant it hurt to look at it.  Notice the raindrops all around.  The sky was the same color as the sidewalk, so we were just surrounded by gray.  Then here is this little red flower, just humming with vibrancy.  Amazing.

Anyway, my to-do list included writing thank you notes for my bridal shower gifts, emailing several people who emailed me weeks ago, cleaning up my wedding invite list, starting a decent summer fitness routine, finishing a book that’s overdue at the library, and catching up on several years of inadequate sleep.

Didn’t get any of that done, but at least I took care of the most important chore of my life:

Can’t wait for Day 2.

Totally Beside the Point

20 05 2010

From: chris

To: jill

Subject: kitchen massing model

hopefully this is helpful, it’s difficult to frame interior spaces this small in a computer modeling program, but hopefully this gives an idea of the organization.



From: jill

To: chris

Subject: Re: kitchen massing model

Your computer modeling program makes my ass look fat.



10 05 2010

I have an addiction, and I know it.  I accept it.  Heck, I embrace it and I have suppliers who will deal to me right at my place of employment.  I confess: I will do immoral, illegal, and downright appalling things for the sake of some chocolate chip cookies.

This morning, I walked into a coworker’s classroom.  “Have you lost weight?” she exclaimed when I entered.

I explained that it must be the way I was wearing my hair or her outdated lens prescription.  In fact, I continued, I am gaining weight because, due to the insufferable winter weather and the time sink that is our new house, I really haven’t been exercising.  Besides which, strange things happen, like yesterday, when I walked out of the new house after my nap and there were lots of cheeseburgers on the grill (since we have no kitchen) and a couple ended up in my hands (and soon after, my mouth).

Lately, I’ve been having nightmares about bursting my wedding dress when I go for my next fitting.

Anyway, about 15 minutes after vehemently denying any potential weight loss, a bag of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies ended up on my desk.  Like I said, I have suppliers.

Well, I thought, no need to share.  After all, I’ve lost some weight recently.

Who could resist? Who would even try?

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