25 07 2011

This is what summer is all about:


PPP Wrap Up

28 05 2011

Photos from the after-party…

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Life at the Last Minute

24 07 2010

My mom and I went to Costa Rica as a final “girls-only” trip before I get married.  We planned for months.

With 24 hours left before we had to be at the airport, Jason decided he wanted to go camping.  He really wanted to go camping.

“What else do you have to do to get ready?” he asked.  “Decide which book to take?”

Oh, the boy knows me well – in fact, I had several library books, and needed to decide if I wanted to take the higher-interest hardback or the lower-interest paperback.

We went camping.

Here is the boy, clearly eager to spend every minute with me before I left the country (every minute he wasn’t fishing, that is):

Well, we did hang out together a bit, and close to the fire because, for July, it was cold.  So here we are, the happy couple:

Surprisingly, my mom and I made it to the airport on time.  I even had time to shower.  All I forgot, in the rush the next day, was my toothbrush.  And my fleece jacket.

And for those of you who are as nerdy as I am and are therefore desperate to know: I took the hardback.

Commencement of Camping Season

23 06 2010

Camping Kick-Off, Trip #1 to Davis Lake for the summer, was fabulous.  I missed my boys, though; this was my first camping trip without Carbon by my side since I’ve known him, and Jason is off with his crew this week.

Charlie, however, got right to business, terrorizing the little ground squirrel things twice as fiercely as usual in Carbon’s absence.  Here he is, trying to track one down that escaped into the rocks around our fire pit:

No worries, the rodent was perfectly safe, and laughing at Charlie from across the clearing.

We were mostly left to ourselves, with the exception of the ranger, to whom I was polite; and some yahoo geezer who drove into my camp, parked, and strode right past me to take in the view with hardly a word to me, to whom I was as rude as his silence allowed me to be.  No serial killers on this trip, which is good in the overall scheme of things, but my near-demise probably would have made a better post than benign pictures of a great sunset:

We got our favorite spot, the sun was out (except for a brief thunder shower), the mosquitoes… well, they were biting.  But not enough to chase us away.

All in all, the trip was short, but oh-so-sweet.  And the shower when I got home was almost as good.

Three Men and a Baby

2 06 2010

I was very impressed that Karen was willing to bring her infant son over to our construction zone of a house.  Accommodations have once again declined: the wood stove has been removed.  June this year feels more like March, and our only source of heat now is open flames in a Hooverville barrel, burning outside in our driveway.  Baby Carter didn’t seem to mind much.  Neither did he mind when the boys began playing Where Shall We Put the Baby? as he lay peacefully sleeping in his carrier.

With some adjustments, the boys settled him on the deconstructed bar that sat between the fire and the chopping block.  They were quite pleased with themselves and went off to fix burgers.

Carter’s patience didn’t last long.  He began fussing, and I immediately picked him up, the advantage of holding an already crying baby being that you don’t get blamed for making it unhappy and if, by some miraculous coincidence, it actually stops crying, you get all the credit.

The boys weren’t done with giving Carter a good evening, though.  Travis demonstrated a new father’s willingness to change little Carter’s diaper.  And Jason, determined to get the fire going well enough to keep the baby warm, fanned the flames with a large chunk of plywood, entirely oblivious to the fact that he was wafting all the smoke and ash directly at Karen, who was nursing Carter at the time.

Welcome to the world, Baby Boy!

Pole Pedal Paddle Pre-Party (Px5)

15 05 2010

The guests begin to arrive...

...and make themselves at home...

...despite no kitchen floor... hot water... is still good.

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