Not Entirely Neglected…

30 09 2011

The dog and the cat still live here.  I’ve just been, you know, a little distracted by nothing less than the cutest baby EVER.

Charlie doesn’t seem too perturbed by the baby, even when she’s screaming (which isn’t often, but it happens).  He’s very interested in her poop, which is typical for him.  And he already recognizes the baby carrier and associates with WALK.  Otherwise, he pretty much just ignores the kid and waits for me to put food in his bowl.  Even when I just put food in his bowl 5 minutes ago.

And while Charlie’s walks have gotten a little shorter as I recover from the C-section, in my defense?  I’ve learned how to breastfeed wearing the baby in a sling AND in a soft-sided carrier.  That’s dedication to our daily exercise.

The cat, on the other hand, is a little more aware of this new creature in our lives.  In part, because the baby came with wonderful new places for a cat to nap: crib, bassinet, Boppy pillow, endless cuddly blankets.

Plus, the house is now perfumed with the scent of milk and regurgitated milk.

Wolverine is rather jealous, and tries several times a day to exist in the exact same spot as the baby.  Or on top of the baby, if he can’t actually replace her.  He weighs about twice what she does, so we have to supervise his movements carefully.  On the other hand, he doesn’t seem to wish her any real harm.

So… not the most exciting post, due to a complete lack of sleep and the baby starting to fuss… but… the boys must not be forgotten entirely!


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