We get up and go to work.  We go to the grocery store.  We go to a movie.  We go out to dinner.  We go to work again.  And every day, something strange and wonderful happens that deserves to be captured: in words, in a photo.  We should find that moment in each day that deserves to be shared with the world.  It’s a moment that shouldn’t be lost in the thousands of mundane moments we forget each day.  It’s an anomaly in the domestic humdrum, or it’s a miracle, or it’s just Life.  But it’s to be celebrated.

In the fall of 2011, I became a new person, one named “Mom,” and those stories and images I want to share increased exponentially.  And there’s no doubt that his household is all the more ridiculous for the addition of a six-pound ball of bodily fluids and personality…

All text and photos are the property of Domestic Anomaly (Jill Adams) unless credited to another source.  No material is to be used or reproduced without written consent from Jill Adams.


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