A Sign That I Am Obsessed With My Kid

16 11 2012

My computer? Yeah, it’s full. Full, as in I can’t upload any more pictures from my fancy camera. I took ten times as many photos in the first year of my daughter’s life than I took in the previous twenty years combined. And every single one of those photos is so absolutely perfect that I can’t bear to delete it – EVEN IF IT’S BACKED UP IN THREE DIFFERENT PLACES.

So, yeah, I like my kid a little. To the point that sometimes I watch videos of her after she goes to bed, because being apart from her is just too much. I’m addicted to her cuteness.

Also, regarding my sad little overloaded computer: it may not have liked getting pushed off the kitchen counter by my cat a couple of years ago. Or maybe it just can’t think very well now that it is crammed full of adorable-ness. Either way, it doesn’t like to do things like run applications for more than about ten minutes without crashing.

So. Those are my excuses for being a totally lame blogger and depriving my dwindling audience of my tales of toddlerhood. Which sucks, because I still spend a lot of my time mentally composing long blogs that perfectly describe how absolutely amazing my child is.

So, to recap: my computer sucks. My kid is awesome. I will do better at proving the latter, despite the former.

In the meantime, if anyone has an extra brand-new macbook that’s weighing you down, feel free to pass it on to me.


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