Have I Mentioned How Amazing My Kid Is?

21 09 2012

I was peeling an apple for Hazel, and she saw me.  So of course, she immediately started whining because she wanted it.

“What do you say?” I asked, in the way that people who are around babies all day ask themselves questions out loud, then answer themselves.

But before I could provide myself with the correct response, Hazel signed please.

And totally blew my mind.

*Hazel has been signing “more” and “all done” for a few months now, and often signs “all done” spontaneously when she is finished eating, but we have only been working on “please” for a a couple of weeks.  And that she knew what word I wanted without me saying it, and in a new situation just boggles my mind.  Baby sign rocks.  Also, babies are scary: they know EXACTLY what you’re saying.  Fuck.


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