22 05 2012

Checking out the tarmac in SFO. Or maybe PDX. It became a bit of a blur…

Well, I was nervous about our first plane ride.

You know that person who sits in their seat, loudly complaining about the baby boarding the plane?  Saying something like, “A BABY?  Oh, GREAT.  I hope it knows how to SHUT UP.  I should get an upgrade to first class if there’s going to be a BABY on this plane.  Or at least a complimentary beverage.”

Yeah, that was me.

So I was just waiting for the big, Karmic kick in the ass when I boarded a plane at 6am with my 8-month-old daughter.

And you know what?

She was awesome.  She slept the entire two flights from west to east coast.

How she spent 90% of her time on the planes.

She woke up cranky while we waited for our shuttle to the hotel.  At which point it occurred to me that she felt hot.  Really hot. It turned out that maybe she was a great flier, but possible only because she was too sick to complain.


Breakfast before our urgent care field trip

However, we were, like, 3,000 miles from home, so we made the best of it.  The “best of it” being a trip to the urgent care in downtown Baltimore, Tylenol, and lots of naps.


In between health scares and naps, we managed to see a lot of Baltimore: the Hardrock Cafe, Potbellies, some of the fine firefighters of the city, many parks, the harbor, and the National Aquarium.

Posing out with some accommodating fire fighters.

This guy reminded me of someone.


Shark Attack!

With grandma in the rain forest

Making friends with a turtle

Playing with the dolphins

Fighting for possession of the chocolate milkshake. I won.

Still feeling like crap, but cheered up by her new “stuffy” – it’s an octopus. Or Kraken.

And at the end, we even made it to the wedding that was the point of the whole trip.  Due to Hazel’s fever and extreme discomfort the afternoon of the wedding, we were googling directions to the nearest ER (luckily, she rebounded in time for the ceremony) instead of packing the camera, so we didn’t actually get any photos of my cousin’s gorgeous wedding… but we were there!

It took over 14 hours of travel to get home.  And our annual Pole Pedal Paddle party was already in full swing, so we arrived to about 60 guests at our house.  Hazel, however, pooped out pretty early.  As did I.

I am glad we survived our first high fever and first plane ride.  Hopefully, next time, they won’t come at the same time…

Soldiering through her sickness with good cheer (mostly)




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