The Full Meal Deal

5 03 2012

Hazel has started solid foods.  I’m ambivalent.  I was pushing for the full six months of exclusive breast feeding, but Jason was really excited about starting food.  And since she won’t take a bottle, I understand why he wanted to try feeding her.

We agreed to follow the pediatrician’s advice and introduce food when she showed interest in what we were eating.  I’m not sold on that as an indication of readiness.  After all, she tried to grab the can opener, but nobody is suggesting she start cooking us dinner; and while she will happily gum her way through a whole roll of toilet paper, only the “elimination communication” experts are telling me she can start using the potty.

But once we made it to five and a half months, I gave in and steamed her some carrots and apples.

To my relief, she didn’t really take to the food.  She willingly sat at the table and mouthed the spoon, but we could skip a day and she didn’t seem to care.  She doesn’t swallow much of the food, anyway.


I was nursing her and eating an apple.  When she saw the apple, she sat up.  So I let her suck on it and sink her little teeth into it.  She leaned back and nursed for half a minute, then sat up and went for more apple.  Back and forth, until I finished the apple and tossed the core.

She was in some kind of BABY ECSTASY: food AND milk!  At THE SAME TIME!

Apparently, if you’re 5 months old, it just doesn’t get any better than that.




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5 03 2012

cute baby, great mother too. hehe

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