What I Do When I’m Not Blogging

15 02 2012

In my mind (again), as a stay-at-home mother, I’d use my daughter’s two hour-and-a-half-long naps to do some laundry, cook a good meal for dinner, write a little, read a little, and maybe catch a nap.  And after she went down for the night, I would eat a leisurely meal with my husband before turning in myself.


Today started at 3a.m. when Hazel decided that it was time to play.  She cried in her crib, 4 feet from my bed, for… a long time.  Long enough that I gave up on sleep and headed downstairs, where I did, in fact, have plenty of free time until 6:30, when I gave up on either of us sleeping and got her out of bed.

I did make it to my first Mom Meet Up, where Hazel spread her message of total rebellion against sleep amongst a group of babies and toddlers.

During her short nap, I started an “easy” cassoulet.  Which, it turns out, is a fancy word for soup.  And is less easy when that sweet child wakes up just as it is underway.

After a few hours of entertaining an exhausted 5-month-old, it was FINALLY bed time, which left us both in tears.

Then I whipped up some homemade mac and cheese.  The recipe was deceptively short; I should have paid attention the various instructions to “stir constantly.”  This recipe is as high maintenance as an over-tired infant.

Suddenly it’s 9 o’clock, dinner is done.  And there are still those “as easy as disposable” cloth diapers to be washed.  And milk to pump.  And all those dishes I dirtied during my culinary frenzy.

And at any moment a still-very-tired Hazel is going to be calling her version of my name, which is something like “WAH!” repeated over and over at top volume.

So.  Staying at home is not exactly how I thought it would be.

But sometimes?

It’s even better than I could have imagined.




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