In the Past Month…

8 02 2012


1. You have started to laugh, this throaty laugh that is, finally, CLEARLY a laugh.  You love raspberries on your tummy.

2. You are still a momma’s girl.  But the grocery store puts you in some kind of trance, and you let your dad carry you up and down the aisles for as long as it takes to get our groceries.  You don’t even care if I leave to go get “bunch of carrots” (3 pints of Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked Fro Yo).

3. You’ve discovered animals.  The cat, in particular, fascinates you, but you’re not above giving the dog a smile, too.

4. You can sit up for a millisecond.  And since I am so excited about it, I make you do it about 10,000 times a day.  Do the math.  That’s a lot of sitting up.

5. I’ll say it again: Teeth.  You have three all the way in, but the ghosts of many more are already appearing in your gums, turning them white and lumpy and, best as you can tell us, PAINFUL.

6. More teeth: Instead of getting your top two front teeth after your bottom two, you got your third tooth on the bottom, as well.  Your smile is bottom-heavy and a little lopsided.  Even cuter.


The last we are going to see of your gummy baby grin...

7. You can roll back and forth and push yourself forward on your belly.  Unless you know I’m next to you, and then you put your face down on the floor and cry for help.  Yeah, girl: I’ve got your number.

8. You’re a momma’s girl.  But.  As long as I am holding you, you are also the ultimate people person: you are a social butterfly, smiling and charming everybody who says hello.

9. You are facing the world: when we go out for a walk, you mostly choose to face out in the wrap.  You laughed out loud the other day when you felt the wind hit your face.

10. Your determination is becoming more focused and noticeable.  For example, you are absolutely insistent about getting the toys from your Megasaucer into your mouth, and you don’t care that they are securely attached to the tray.  It is fascinating to watch you attack this problem each day, changing your grip, using those arm muscles, sitting back and staring at the toy for a minute, trying to get your face down to the toy instead…  I suppose only your mother would find this so interesting…


Hazel v. Megasaucer, Round 1 of the day...

And after 5 months of you, the best part of my day is still waking up with you, those first minutes in bed together when you are all smiles, when you look at me and grin as if to say, “Oh!  IT’S YOU!  You are my FAVORITE!”  (Speaking of which, you give me that look sometimes when I’ve been carrying you around for awhile, as though you had forgotten who was holding you or that you were being held at all, then you glance at my face and suddenly you are wild with excitement, as though I’d been gone and just came back.)

And what can I do but smile back so that you know: YOU are MY favorite, too.




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8 02 2012

this is so sweet! My little girl is the same exact age 🙂

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