Worth Every Penny

2 02 2012


I scored this sweet Megasaucer for free, back before I was even pregnant with Hazel.  So recently, my mom and I dragged it out from her garage, gave it a scrub, and let the baby take her new toy for a ride.

Looks like a hit.

For the record, in my mind (pre-baby), I had a house free of brightly-colored plastic toys.  In reality?  It looks like Fisher Price threw up in my living room.  Oh, well, the things we do, not so much for our children, but for 5 free minutes in which to scarf down a sandwich or fold some laundry…




4 responses

2 02 2012

So, so true. Nice score on the exersaucer!! Those things are a godsend. So much more useful than the stupid unused baby swing we have. Carter loved his jumparoo.

And I was totally going to not let him watch TV. He is usually running around inside or outside playing with his toys, which makes it not seem so bad that he occasionally watches Elmo or Dinosaur train – it’s how you can have a moment to yourself to pick up the living room or pay the bills! Travis worships Dinosaur Train and Diego – it’s his only chance to take a crap on the days that he is on kid duty! And the food thing – I had a friend totally appalled the other day that I give him chocolate pudding. People that judge me, I just laugh and shake my head. They can’t really know until they are there. And then all the power to them if they make choices different than my own.

2 02 2012

Yeah, don’t get me started on “screen time.” I still yell at Jason about the TV, but I just downloaded my first two baby apps. And she likes them.

2 02 2012

she’s actually looking like she is enjoying herself… how long did it take you to get THAT photo?? or has she decided it is entertaining now?

2 02 2012

Oh, she likes it for a few minutes at a time… About as long as she likes anything that doesn’t produce milk.

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