What’s Going On With…

26 01 2012

The big bed is still fair game for play time and photo shoots.



Well, we’ve had some good times and bad times since we began crying it out.  Last night was amazing: she woke up four times to nurse, and each time I put her back to bed, she simply went to sleep without a peep.  The night before, however, she was up at least every hour.  I expect that we’ll see both sorts of nights for a long, long time… but hoping for some more good ones.

















(We put Hazel to sleep on her back, as recommended; however, she is able to roll herself over now, and ends up on her tummy.)


Cloth Diaper Butt!


…Cloth diapers:

I’m hooked on disposables for night.  One a night is something that I can live with.  The rest of the time, she’s in cloth.  Thank you so much to my friend who pointed me to a cheap cloth diaper source, so I was able to double my stash and reduce my laundry loads.






"Cloth is Cool"

Good news: He still moves fast when he wants to. Sad news: I had to go back a month and a half to find a photo of the poor dog.



Oh, Charlie.  He’s an old man.  Sad to say, I’ve taken to putting up the baby gate to prevent him from using the stairs; he’s taken some tumbles, and I worry that he’s going to hurt himself.  Although I fell down the stairs a few weeks ago, and that’s probably not due to senility.  Otherwise, he is still a pretty happy dog.  He doesn’t get many (or any) walks, but he loves taking rambles around our property and short jaunts around the off-leash area.  He shows no resentment towards the baby, but won’t be interested in her until she starts dropping food on the floor.

In his couch-cushion fort



He loves everything the baby comes with: comfy crib, comfy changing pad, comfy carseat, jingly toys…














Well, there were plenty of people who told me I would miss my job.

Yeah, it's 2 in the afternoon. Yeah, we're in our pjs. So?

They were wrong.




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