4 Months… It’s Not ALL About Sleeping…

16 01 2012

Neon bandaids for the FOUR immunizations. Happy four months!

Some Stats from 4 Months of Existence:

# of teeth: 2

Current Weight: 14 pounds, 7 ounces

Total Gained Since Birth: Approx. 8 pounds

Length: 25″

New Skills: Oh, the rolling over!  Diaper changes just got interesting!

Likes: Nursing, rolling, watching the cat, mornings, new play mat, music, people, Dad’s TV


"Show Mommy your teeth! Let me see your teeth!" Over and over for days, and this is all I get. Trust me, there are two teeth behind those hands.

Dislikes: Sleeping without mom, shots

Good News: “Car Seat” has moved from the Dislike list to a neutral position, making running errands feasible again.

Our days are filled with toys now, toys that a couple of weeks ago seemed pointless.  The bouncy seat is still a favorite hangout, the swing is still a no-go on many occasions, and the crib is still primarily the cat’s bed.  Oh, and books, books, and more books!  We love books!  When I run out of things to say, I turn to Dr. Seuss and let him do the talking.  Oh, and music!  Our days are also filled with music!  Another way to fill in the conversation gap when I get bored with narrating my every move…  And sign language!  Baby sign and American Sign Language and the signs I make up in the moment.  And poop.  Always the poop.  Our days still contain more than their share of poop.




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