Three Months Going on Four… Going on All Grown Up

3 01 2012

Holy Cow, the things that have happened…

First Christmas, followed by First Cold.

And: Hello, two front teeth!  But, honey, are you sure that’s all you wanted for Christmas?  And way to debut that little white lump when you had an audience of grandparents, great grandmother, and great aunt.  Speaking of which, rolling over 85% of the way?  Yeah, you saved that for an audience as well.

No doubt that you love being on stage.

But you prefer to be on stage accompanied by your mom.  I can’t really describe how that makes me feel.  I mean, I always figured my kid would like me, but I guess I didn’t know how you would only be completely happy in my presence.  It awes me to hold this cherished position in your life.  It also scares me, because, you know what?  I’m not all that great.  And some day, you are going to realize that, and it will break my heart because I will remember this time of our lives, this blink of an eye during which your body curls warm and soft against mine during nap time and that is all we need: each other.  Well, and a maid, because, let’s face, I can’t do it all, and right now, you are keeping me pretty busy.

Bed time is a nightly battle.  You fight sleep like it’s the biggest enemy, and while you don’t want to be away from me for even a minute, you also suspect that I am in league with the forces of the universe that dictate your need for sleep.  Just when I think I have spawned the one child in the world who truly WILL NOT SLEEP FOR A WEEK STRAIGHT and start to lose my shit, you take a break from squirming and screaming, make eye contact, and smile the sweetest of smiles.  Right before beginning the next round of storms.  But that smile buys you another hour of your mother desperately bouncing you, walking you, reading to you, singing to you, nursing you, and doing ANYTHING else  that might contribute to you eventually falling asleep.

In other words, you know what you want and you know how to get it.

You are an amazing little creature.  You are more than I deserve.  But I’m awfully glad you’re mine.




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