Pink is the New Blaze Orange

27 10 2011


So, having an infant who sometimes screams from 3a.m. until dawn is not really challenging anymore.  And the novelty of having exterior walls removed from our house at the onset of below-freezing nights is really wearing off.  So I packed up the baby and the senile dog, and headed to the hunting camp 4 hours away to spend a few days with Jason.  Because, you know, wearing a down parka and a headlamp makes pacing up and down with a raging infant so much more interesting, especially in wild horse country.  Seriously: the elk have never seen this much pink…

Other than Charlie walking off an embankment into an icy creek at one in the morning and my car rolling off an embankment into a few trees, it was an excellent trip.  I mean, if you have to walk constantly to keep the baby happy, you might as well walk through miles of gorgeous fall foliage, right?

Happy Dog

Happy Dog

Happy Dog

Camping Gear: The Patagonia Fleece Suit

Camping Gear: every little girl needs pink boots

Morning with Dad

Noon with Dad

Night with Dad

This is why I use a carrier: Pushing an empty stroller while breastfeeding the baby

"I can't put my arms down!" "You can put your arms down when you get to school."




One response

12 11 2011

lmao. seriously. who camps with a new born. can’t. stop. laughing. 🙂

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