24 Hours of (Mostly) Cloth Diapering

29 09 2011

Now that Hazel is a little bigger, we’ve started our cloth diapering journey.

I tried the cutest diapers we own first, of course.  These are XS Bum Genius 3.0 All-In-One diapers.  AIO are the easiest to use; they are just like disposables.  The downside is that they take longer to dry due to their thickness.  They are also more expensive than other diaper systems, but these I purchased used from eBay – used diapers in the tiniest size tend to be in excellent condition, as most babies only wear them for a week or two.  The first BG seemed to work, as the baby stayed dry through a nap, despite a small gap between the diaper and the baby’s legs.  I put a second one on the baby, and had her on the changing table while I examined the first diaper.  It seemed completely dry.  Amazing wicking powers?  Alas, no.  As I stood there, sniffing the used diaper suspiciously (ah, parenthood), the baby peed about a gallon into the new BG, and most of it ran right out the leg hole.

Next, I tried a Bumboo fitted diaper with a Thirsties cover.  Fitted diapers are similar to the classic (“prefold”) cloth diaper, in that they are not waterproof and require a cover.  But they are “fitted” like a disposable, fastening with snaps, rather than just a rectangle like the prefold.  This worked really well, and since we have two of the bamboo fitteds, I tried it a second time, again with success.

Our fourth diaper change brought out the Thirsties Duo.  It is a pocket diaper; it has a built-in waterproof cover and wicking fleece that goes against the baby’s skin.  It comes with two pads that snap together and stuff in between the cover and the fleece to absorb liquid.  This one worked perfectly, through a very messy evacuation.  If she wasn’t growing so fast, I would invest in more of these.

Diaper number 5 was a disposable; the baby did that Exorcist-type spitting up thing, where she pukes her weight in regurgitated milk, prompting an immediate bath.  The baby was cold and screaming and I didn’t have time to put together an cloth diaper option.  I’m pretty sure diaper 6 was disposable, too: it’s a slippery slope, those ‘sposies.

Diapers 7 and 8 were traditional “prefolds,” those classic white rectangles, with a Thirsties wrap over them.  Messy.  Urine leaked.  Poo leaked.  It was not great, not great at all.

Then it was back to a disposable while I did laundry and started over.

So that is, more or less, our first 24 hours in cloth.

Since it’s taken me 4 days to complete this post, I can give a quick update:

– The cute little Bum Genius diapers?  They work, I just need to really cinch them up so there is a seal around her legs.  New favorite.

– The cotton prefolds do work, it just takes some practice to get them on correctly and the waterproof wrap on tightly enough.

– The Bumboo fitteds and the Thirsties Duo have had zero leaks.  The fitteds are super bulky and look uncomfortable – her legs stick out at funny angles when she has that much cloth on.  The Duo is less bulky, but bigger than the Bum Genius AIO.

This should get easier as the baby grows into the stash I have; she’s still in tiny sizes of which I have only a few, and that means daily loads of laundry and some ‘sposie supplementing… and, of course, a few leaks…




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