Two Weeks

25 09 2011

Two weeks… How in the heck did that  happen?

This is my surprised face.

Here are some Two Weeks of Life stats:

Weight Hazel lost: 10 ounces

Weight Hazel gained: 1 pound, 8 ounces

Weight Mom lost: 25 pounds

Weight Mom still needs to reach pre-pregnancy: 10 pounds

Mom’s visible stretch marks: 0

Varicose Veins: 1 that is almost as large as my tummy was at 9 months pregnant

Days it took for the milk to come in: 4

Days it took for Hazel to demand milk: 2

Number of cloth diapers used: 2

Number of disposables: over 100

Her little butt is just now getting big enough for our cloth diaper stash... It's pretty cute even in a 'sposie, though.

Diaper blow outs: 2

Baths: 2

"This is what I get for puking on Mommy..."

Number of hours Dad sleeps each night: 7 -10


Hours Mom sleeps: probably more than 3, but it doesn’t feel like it…

Miles travelled: 300+

Blachly, Oregon, on Hazel's first road trip

Minutes spent in crib: 20

Who needs a crib when mom and dad's bed is so comfy?


How much more we love our little girl each day: infinitely.  Seriously.





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