I Totally Called It…

4 08 2011

So just 2 days after my I’m-Really-Getting-Humongous Post, I’m in line at Target (where I am frantically spending the last dollars of my last paychecks as quickly as possible) and the woman in front of me gives me a big smile.

“So, you’re due any day?”

“Nope.  Like, five or six weeks.”

“So it’s twins?”

“Nope.  Just one little girl.”


On the way out, we passed each other, and she did seem slightly mortified by her comments, and apologized profusely.  However, since she had just made my blog prediction come true, I was able to be quite gracious and polite about the whole exchange.

Besides, it’s time to learn to censor my retorts, since I’m way too big to waddle away with any sort of dignity.




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