32 Weeks

20 07 2011

When I imagined myself pregnant, this is how I imagined it.

The books all talk about the second trimester as the golden glowing pinnacle of pregnancy.  Post-morning sickness, pre and post exhaustion, baby belly without being huge, that was all slated for second trimester.  But for me, it was the beginning of the third trimester when I began to really, really enjoy my pregnancy.  The baby demon started kicking regularly, so any time I worried about her, I could chug some juice and sit down; within a minute, *bam*!  Reassurance in the form of a swift kick.  On a shallower note, the weight gain in my thighs and ass finally began to be balanced by my growing belly, and I was able to stop worrying that I would gain a size every month for the entire pregnancy.

Other than severe pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel (who the f* knew that pregnancy could induce carpal tunnel syndrome???), I’ve been comfortable, now that I’ve learned not to throw heavy boxes around the garage (even I should have known that would irritate a pre-existing back injury).  Of course, the demon continues to grow, my body continues to expand, and I’m sure in the next five to ten weeks, more discomfort will appear.

But right now, I’m just loving it.  Right now, I wish that pregnancy meant 9 months of being exactly this pregnant.

At the same time, though, I’m beginning to get impatient to meet this little person…




One response

20 07 2011

Jill, you are a gorgeous pregnant lady!!! 🙂 You are going to be an amazing Mommy and your ass and thighs will return to normal (one day). 🙂 In the meantime, embrace the full-figure, as you have and love incredible human body!
Miss you terribly. I am hoping to make your baby shower, I just have to get a few things ironed out.


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