16 07 2011

Back when we first knew we were pregnant, I needed some sort of retail fix to feel really pregnant.  This was back when “pregnant” meant a blue line on a stick, as opposed to now, when “pregnant” means it’s awkward to bend over and I have to sleep with six pillows to support myself.

Anyway, I began shopping all the fabulous daily baby deals online (babyhalfoff, greenbabybargains, ecobabybuys, zullily, babysteals, babyheist, minibargainz… there’s a few…), but I decided I would only buy diapers.  I figured they would be something gender neutral and practical, yet cute enough to satisfy my urge to begin preparing for the little demon.

Today, I realized I should really take stock of what I have managed to stash over those first few months.

Here’s what I ended up with:

A pretty good assortment… and an educational experience.  Planning to cloth diaper?  Here’s some key words you’ll need to learn:

fitted diapers


pocket diapers

diaper covers





disposable inserts

cloth inserts


stripping (not as cool as it sounds)

minky and bamboo and organic cotton and hemp and fleece and polyester…




I even got a couple of diapers that are envelope diapers, a term that hasn’t really hit the cloth diapering community yet.

Of course, parenting comes with all sorts of new vocabulary.  But when you think of what diapers are actually used for… I mean, it’s pretty impressive how much thought goes into collecting poop.




4 responses

17 07 2011

When Sarah was a baby (she is 25 now) there was no elastic in the diaper legs. Those did not hold the poop specially the really runny poop that oozes down daddy’s leg. One other thing never start changing a diaper alone when you don’t have enough wipes to do the job. If you have to leave to get more there is a good chance she wasn’t done pooping.

21 08 2011

I am so proud of you for this fluff pic (Boy am I behind!!) Love the rainbow and the sheer amount of diapers you have collected! Yay you!! 🙂 Enjoy the addiction, it only gets worse… 😉

22 08 2011

Jaimey, it MUST have been you that got me started on CDing WAY before I was close to having babies, because my first choice was gDiapers. I even had Jason sold on gs before we were even married… but our septic system is too old for the flushables, and we’ve ended up with a little of every brand. I have no idea when you started talking to me about gs – still, I blame YOU for this addiction!

21 08 2011

oh and check out sun baby diapers dot com, my friend LOVES them and they are super cheap! I can’t remember if I already told you about them or not… 🙂

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