Charlie at the Coast

15 07 2011

The car was packed, so I knew something good was happening, but I didn’t know what until after a loooooong car ride.  We were camping!  At the beach!  I was really excited, but waited patiently while my people set up camp.  Then…

… we finally went to the beach, and I ran and ran and ran and ran.  It was great!

I got to meet lots of people who were also on the beach.

These were my favorite people:

They fed me lots and lots of cheese and crackers even though my mom said just a little cheese was okay.  I liked them!

All that running and eating got me tired so I was okay when we stopped for a little nap.

But after a nap, I was ready for more action.

And those stupid seagulls were just perfect for some inspiration to exercise.

I would have stayed forever and even found a good place to hide.

But my people said it was time to go home.

As much as I like the beach, I guess I like home, too.

Maybe we’ll go again tomorrow…






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