For a Cause

9 07 2011

So who wouldn’t want to walk for 3 hours and 33 minutes for a good cause?  Up a butte with a 500 foot elevation gain and back down, over and over?  In July?  I mean, sign me up, right?


That’s how my mom and I spent our morning, and while we didn’t win a mug, we did raise money for… well, something that benefits children.  Probably.

I was pretty excited to participate in my second organized sporting event as a visibly pregnant chick.  It’s been two months since the Pole Pedal Paddle, though, and this walk was longer and more physically demanding than rowing a canoe.

By the time we were halfway done, my hands had swollen to an alarming size, the balls of my feet could hardly bear my weight, and I had consumed so much water that I was using the restroom at the top and the bottom of the hill – even though it was only a 15 minute walk down.

But the goal was to keep walking for 3:33 (how appropriate for 3rd trimester, and for 30 weeks), and we did it!

Now… to go ice those feet…

The point-and-shoot didn't like the sunshine, so our images barely showed up at all without some heavy-duty editing. But here I am, early on in the walk-a-thon!




One response

12 07 2011
Sarah @

Woo-hoo! That’s alot of walking at 30 weeks =) Well done!

Thank you for the words of encouragement on my site. I loved the way you put things and it made me smile.

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