Enjoying It While We Can

2 07 2011

I’m one of those people whose internal clock is set to wake up at 6am.  It’s unfortunate; even when I’m exhausted or hung over or sick or lazy, by 6am my legs are twitching and my eyes won’t close and I’m UP.

Until now.

The combination of pregnancy, cold/allergies, and *finally* a break from an emotionally draining job has me sleeping until 8.  Or 8:30.  Or, on occasion, all day.

I’ve had to train Charlie to sleep late, too, by withholding his dinner until late evening and making sure he goes outside sometime after 8pm.  But I think he’s learning to love sleeping in, too.

Ironic, since 10 weeks from now?

Sleeping will be a thing of the past…




One response

5 07 2011

Yes, but naps will be born. Moms sleep when babies sleep, and newborns sleep randomly all day. Night time will be rough, but enter the nap!!! 🙂

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