Summer, At Last

28 06 2011

Summer vacation arrived two weeks ago, and with it came a burst of summer-like weather… finally.  After a cool, wet, and overcast May and early June, temperatures in the 70s felt hot.  Good weather, free time, and, naturally, the summer cold from hell arrived simultaneously.

At the same time, Jason’s 8 crew members showed up to camp out at our house for a week while they trained.  Nice and polite as they are, it is nonetheless a challenge to nap when 11 people are in your living room learning how to give CPR, or when there’s a chance you might join them for a rafting trip down a short Class III.  Or when a mushroom one of them picked and left on the kitchen counter explodes with maggoty-looking worms that spread through the kitchen in the night.

In other words, my plan for near-daily blogging was delayed by illness.  And worms.

I did, however, make it out of the arid high desert for a few days in the valley, where the still-green hills and riverside reminded me more of Costa Rica than of my own neighborhood just two hours to the east.

Now, though, a week shy of the 4th of July, it seems like vacation is finally here…




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28 06 2011

supposed to be a scorcher for the 4th.

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