Father’s Day

19 06 2011

It was Jason’s first Father’s Day, at least according to the alien who has begun swimming around my abdomen with a regularity that is both disconcerting and wonderfully reassuring.  Since the little demon isn’t here to finger paint a necktie for him, I was on my own for creating a gift for the dad-t0-be:

Here it is, Jason’s very own diaper bag, complete with pink bottle, pink diapers, and a packet of Disney Princess butt wipes.

Luckily, the new mid-range driver and two PBR pounders are something just for himself – even if the disc is a pretty shade of pink.

Happy Father’s Day, Jason!




4 responses

19 06 2011

Hmm . . . looks like a combo disc golf bag and diaper bag if you ask me.

20 06 2011

Well, I had to do something to make it fun for him! Princess butt wipes weren’t going to cut it.

19 06 2011

pink huh? I thought he didn’t want to know the gender?!

20 06 2011

Oh, he read the results through the envelope on the way home from the ultrasound, so I’m pretty sure he wanted to know… We announced it at his annual Pole Pedal Paddle party, so it’s not a secret any more.

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