Pole Pedal Paddle 2011 (and a little announcement)

21 05 2011

For most people, preparing for a multi-sport relay race would include some physical training.  For us, it’s more about arranging kegs, buying food, setting up wall tents, collecting fuel for the bonfire, heating up the barbeque, turning our driveway into a twenty-car parking lot, and generally preparing for the pre and post party.
This year, race day began cool and wet.
But racers donned their gear and prepared to face the challenges of the day.  Jason didn’t feel that my tshirt and jeans lived up to PPP expectations; I felt that my giant belly made up for lack of day-glo.  I have to admit, though, the teams were lookin’ good.
It wasn’t quite as wet out of the river as in it, but it seemed like it might get close as we waited to start the canoe leg of the race.  Eventually, the rain stopped long enough to snap a few pics.  This was the Cinnamon Bear’s first PPP!  Cheers!
After downhill skiing, cross country skiing, biking, running, and kayaking, teams sent their sprinters across the finish line.
And to my (immense) surprise, Team Stench Goose Flight took third in our age group.  Baby’s first PPP is a win!  This was Jazmine’s first race as well – she snowboarded and sprinted – and Colin biked in spite of the stomach flu.  Dustin and Shawn must have run and cross country skied like champs, because we were already in the lead when my mom and I began the paddling section of the race.
Whether you win or lose, a fish taco is in order after a long night and a long day… with a long night left to go…  Despite the rain, we followed PPP tradition and headed out for margaritas and wraps for a snack before hitting the bbq back home.
And to top off the afternoon…
Chuck helped us with a little announcement we’ve been waiting for.  He ripped open an envelope from the radiology clinic…



3 responses

21 05 2011
Autumn Pendergrass

Congrats on your win and your little princess on her way.
Can’t wait to see what you name the little doll.

22 05 2011

Yaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited for a little girl! Everyone I know is having BOYs. You know, she just might wind up a bit spoiled . . .

9 07 2011
For a Cause « My Dog Doesn't Know His Own Name

[…] how my mom and I spent our morning, and while we didn’t win a mug, we did raise money for… well, something that benefits children. […]

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