Creative Pursuits

4 05 2011

I’ve taken about a hundred photos – probably more, actually – with my new camera, most of which I quickly deleted.  I’m still using the crutch of “automatic,” a setting that makes shooting with the SLR pretty much like using a point-and-shoot, except with crazy good focus and resolution.  I am determined to graduate from this stage soon.  Even though my knowledge of photography is severely limited, I am loving this camera.

Here is why I am happy to have a quality camera:

How can you not smile when you see a picture like that – my 13-year-old puppy looking like his 3-year-old self?

Love it.

And here is an attempt at artiness:

And one more:

Funny, when I started this blog, I was inspired by other blogs that incorporated a lot of photography.  I began toting around my little point-and-shoot so I could capture moments like this.  I admit that I was hoping that if I could take some decent photos with that little camera, I (or Jason) would eventually feel justified getting a “real” camera.  Well, it took a year, but I got it.  And I’m determined not to be intimidated by it.  Or at least not so intimidated that I never make it past “automatic.”

Meanwhile, I had a baby-themed birthday, and my mom showed off her own creative talents:

That’s right, the cutest friggin’ baby blanket ever, made with love for the world’s cutest friggin’ baby ever by a totally besotted grandmother.  And I am a totally unbiased mother.

And hopefully the lovely photos in this post make up for the fact that I am really too tired these days to string cohesive sentences together…




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