24 02 2011

Plan A was to use a hippie (lay) midwife and have our baby at a birthing center.  Jason and I are lazy to the point that we didn’t even interview midwives and doctors – our friend Karen having recently given birth, we figured that what worked for her would work for us.

Then I had some pain, which turned out to be pretty much meaningless, and I met Dr. Murphy.  Whom I adore.

Although I was very convinced that hospitals are BAD, and that giving birth is NOT a medical emergency, Dr. Murphy convinced me in about 5 minutes that I should consider the alternative to a lay midwife.

Hence, Plan B.

How did I flip so fast?  Well, Dr. Murphy addressed my concerns regarding standards of care in our local hospital and how it aligns with the WHO recommendations.  Then he most kindly did not scoff at my mention of The Business of Being Born.  And then he managed to slip in the little tidbit that, oh, yeah, HE HAS DELIVERED SOME OF INA MAY GASKIN’S BABIES.  Ina May is only the natural-healthy-baby-delivery-GURU-of-a-midwife-whom-I-worship.  You know, no one special.

I know that many, many of my friends and acquaintances will be satisfied with this choice, as plenty of them tried to sway me toward the American style of (medically-induced, Pitocin-assisted, on-your-back-legs-spread, EFM, ending-in-a-C-section) giving birth.  I know that at least a few will be disappointed.

It is a hard choice for me to make.  I still firmly believe that as a country, there is something very, very wrong with our treatment of pregnancy and birth as a medical condition that must be treated.  I feel guilty for opting out of what I really believe is a safe, viable option for many pregnant women.  I wish that in my area we had a birthing center with medical staff that was not attached to a hospital, a sort of middle ground of birthing options.  I wish that I had strong enough faith in my ability to have a normal delivery and in my midwife’s ability to see it through.

But most of all?  I wish for a healthy baby.

Any way I can get it.



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25 02 2011

Good for you for doing what you think will be the best for your baby! You are a mama now, and baby must come first. All doctors aren’t evil, and if you find one that works for you, hang on to him!!

I voted for medical staff, but I would do midwife, too (obviously). 🙂 I would love to have baby B with the other midwife in town (I don’t regret my decision, we had an awesome birth, but I think that the midwives I went with are a bit too new at this). However, it’s possible we will go with a hospital the second time around. Mostly for insurance reasons – they will cover an OB and hospital at 100%, despite the much higher price tag! And this time around I will be confident enough to speak my mind if I don’t agree with a decision!

28 03 2011

I am glad you found someone you are comfortable with. No matter what you choose it is YOUR choice! I wish only the best and easiest labor and delivery for you!

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