Developing Early Literacy

29 09 2010

Uncle Keith dropped by with this adorable addition to our small store of baby stuff:

I couldn’t help but share the book… There’s something about receiving a gift (from someone other than my mom): it’s almost – almost – feeling like I really might be pregnant, and that we really might end up with a baby.

This isn’t the baby’s first book, but it is probably more acceptable than the baby book I recently bought: Pat Schrodinger’s Kitty, which is an age-appropriate introduction into quantum physics based on the classic Pat the Bunny.  It’s a cute book, to be sure, and what baby wouldn’t want to interact with neutrinos and describe photon behavior in terms of wave-particle duality?

Here’s that book, in case you don’t believe that people actually write baby books specifically for future nerds:

Well, chances are, the baby will quite enjoy learning about farm animals, too, thanks to Keith and Janet.  Perhaps even more than learning about Schrodinger’s Cat, because (spoiler alert), things don’t go well for the kitty once the box is opened.

Anyway, thanks, Keith and Janet, for making this baby feel like it almost, sort of, not quite, maybe, could be real someday.

**If you feel the need to start your future quantum physicist on the right path early on, you can find Pat Schrodinger’s Kitty at .  We are also the proud owners of the poster, also from the Nerdy Baby site, titled “Now I Know My Prime Numbers!”  And by “we” I mean “me,” and by “proud” I mean “extremely self-satisfied and smug.”




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29 09 2010

You have got to get the Pets book with the DVD. Eren has loved it.

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