29 09 2010

My mom and I stopped by a maternity store, and I found a strap-on belly in the fitting room - I couldn't resist!

We went in to the midwife for our 10 week appointment hoping to hear the baby on the Doppler monitor.  No luck.  It isn’t supposed to be worrisome, as it sometimes takes until 11 or 12 weeks for it to be audible.  *Sigh*.  It’s simply hard to wait.  At the same time, it seems like time is flying by as we wait for these benchmarks – first the pregnancy test, then 10 weeks for the heartbeat, 13 weeks for the reduced chance of a miscarriage, 20 weeks for an ultrasound…  I always thought that I would be a blissful pregnant woman.  It turns out that I am an impatient one!




4 responses

29 09 2010

Wohooo on the belly picture! Bummer on not hearing the heart beat. That little bugger is hiding from you! Oh no, not even out of the womb yet and he/she is already taking tips from Carter. I will cross my fingers for next week!

1 10 2010

oh me too! The first 20 weeks are very hard!! The second are easier for me. Once you have the first one though you realize they are out so much more quickly than you are ready for! 🙂

3 10 2010

Didn’t they have any pregnancy boobs in there? 😉

5 10 2010

Okay, that’s about the best comment I’ve had EVER. And about the funniest thing I’ve ever heard you say, too.

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