My Name is Jill, and I Am A Procrastinator

6 09 2010

In the millions of details surrounding an event like a wedding, inevitably something will be forgotten.  It is especially true if you are hosting your wedding at your own home that has been under construction for several months, and have chosen to provide most of the food yourselves.

Something, as they say, has to give.

And that is how I found myself, exactly one week before my wedding, running into a jeweler’s shop, half way to hysterical.

“I need to get a wedding ring for my fiance,” I told the saleswoman.  “Before my wedding.  Which is Friday.”

“Okay, no problem!” she said, with calm assurance.  “What’s his ring size?”

“I have absolutely no idea.”

Well, okay, small problem.

Jason didn’t want a wedding ring, and wasn’t much help when it came to discussing ring options, which was part of the reason I put off buying the ring for so long.  All that I could get out of him was that he had a slight preference for titanium.  And titanium rings aren’t sized.  And jewelers don’t typically carry multiple sizes in their stores, they order them once they know what you want.  So if I got the wrong size, I would be stuck with it.

It took me until Monday to get a size for Jason, leaving very little time to have the ring shipped.

“Please,” I begged the saleswoman, Kim.  “Ask if they can overnight it.”

They could.  And they did.

Here I am with Kim, picking up Jason’s ring with 72 hours to go.  I might look a little teary-eyed; that’s because we were having last-minute photographer issues.  But I had a ring.

* * *

As I left the house to go pick up the ring, Jason met me at the gate.

“I’m coming with you,” he said, rather curtly (we were both a bit tense from the stress at this point).

“What do you need?” I asked, irritated that I would have to run more errands.

“I have to find a shirt to wear to the wedding.”

Well, at least we have something in common…




2 responses

6 09 2010

i hear you! you’ll be glad you got him a ring: geoff insisted he hates wearing jewelry, but to this day he makes an occasional snide comment about how he doesn’t have a wedding ring. in any case, great wedding!

6 09 2010

Zack wasn’t much of a jewelry guy either but he faithfully wears his wedding ring and another one I got him for his bday after Jonathan that has G and Jonathan’s innitials on the inside. He never takes them off, even though the latter one is too small. 🙂 Sweet men we have. Loved the wedding! Great job guys.

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