Nostalgia Comes Cheap

21 07 2010

Yesterday, I went climbing for the first time in over two years.  Jason’s friends Travis and Chuck most patiently allowed me to tag along, despite the fact that I certainly slowed the group down.  Of course, if you know anything about climbers, you know they’re always happy to have an extra belayer around.

I impressed myself by remembering how to belay.  I wasn’t sure it would come back to me naturally, but since Travis was already leading this climb, I figured I’d better do my best.  He survived, so it all worked out okay.

I was less impressed with my memory of how to actually climb the damn rock.  I did make it up a few routes, and without any serious injury to myself or poor Chuck, who was stuck belaying me as I inched up the hot rock.

During a rest in the shade, I mentioned that I had gotten a nice blood blister.

Travis looked up from his water bottle, mildly interested.

“Well,” I admitted.  “I actually got it trying to open the lock on the bathroom door on the way in, but it’s all part of the experience, right?”

The boys were decidedly not fascinated by my almost-climbing-related bump.

Okay, here it is.  I simply cannot post a how-I-climb-now without a shameless brag about how-I-used-to-climb photo.  Or two.  I apologize for my need to show off and to couch the show-offedness in a simple compare-and-contrast manner.  I really, really, really can’t help myself.

Here it is:

5 years later, 10 pounds later, 1 back surgery later, a lifetime later, these pictures are all I have of my former badass, climb anything, take a whipper and keep going, loving the slimy basalt, three nights a week in the climbing gym self.

I miss that kid.  I wouldn’t trade places with her now, but it’s sure nice to visit every once in awhile.




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