Bad Dog

19 06 2010

Jason’s parents offered their hospitality to Charlie and I when we went to meet up with Jason and his crew in the valley (

The Crew


Jason’s parents absolutely spoil Charlie, with sweet talk and chin scratches and bites of food from their plates.  Jason’s mom purchased Charlie, Carbon, and Porter each a dog bed last Christmas when they all came to stay.  They request, quite reasonably, only that Charlie stay off the furniture, though they’ve never shown any sort of anger when the rule is broken.

And, these past few days, Charlie broke the rule.

I tried, oh, I did try.

But we’re talking about a dog who has been visiting my own mother for ten years now, and still jumps up on her Pottery Barn couch every chance he gets.  He climbs up and makes himself comfortable, and looks not a whit ashamed of himself as my mom and I yell and wave our arms and tell him NO!  He goes into a death roll when I grab his collar to drag him off.

We’re talking about a dog who disappeared for a few hours last summer, and was finally found sleeping on Jason’s neighbor’s bed.  Granted, I was a hundred miles away when that happened, but I was right there the day Charlie ran into the same neighbor’s house and ate his dog’s food.  To this day, I only have a nodding acquaintance with the guy, but Charlie’s given himself the full tour of the man’s house.  And backyard, which was yet another day.

So there just wasn’t much of a chance.

I sat with Jason’s family watching a movie last night.  Although Charlie’s bed was in the living room with us, it wasn’t long before we heard the click of his nails going down the hall, a soft whump, and the jingle of dog tags.

“Charlie’s on the bed again,” Jason pointed out.

With a sigh, I went to drag from the guest room a dead weight that belied Charlie’s lean frame.

Good thing he’s cute.




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