Three Men and a Baby

2 06 2010

I was very impressed that Karen was willing to bring her infant son over to our construction zone of a house.  Accommodations have once again declined: the wood stove has been removed.  June this year feels more like March, and our only source of heat now is open flames in a Hooverville barrel, burning outside in our driveway.  Baby Carter didn’t seem to mind much.  Neither did he mind when the boys began playing Where Shall We Put the Baby? as he lay peacefully sleeping in his carrier.

With some adjustments, the boys settled him on the deconstructed bar that sat between the fire and the chopping block.  They were quite pleased with themselves and went off to fix burgers.

Carter’s patience didn’t last long.  He began fussing, and I immediately picked him up, the advantage of holding an already crying baby being that you don’t get blamed for making it unhappy and if, by some miraculous coincidence, it actually stops crying, you get all the credit.

The boys weren’t done with giving Carter a good evening, though.  Travis demonstrated a new father’s willingness to change little Carter’s diaper.  And Jason, determined to get the fire going well enough to keep the baby warm, fanned the flames with a large chunk of plywood, entirely oblivious to the fact that he was wafting all the smoke and ash directly at Karen, who was nursing Carter at the time.

Welcome to the world, Baby Boy!




2 responses

2 06 2010

Well, that is one adventurous, out doors boy after all. Isn’t he the one born right after the Poll Paddle Run?

25 02 2011

Yes, Connie! He was born the next day, and all the guys were threatening to show up at the birth center. Jason wanted to bring scuba gear and an underwater camera and film the birth. Luckily they were all too hungover by the time he actually arrived. But now Dad’s friends will all come into town for his birthday every year. It worked out well!

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