The World Beyond the Wardrobe

31 05 2010

Charlie has discovered The Land Beneath the Deck.  He approaches the entry with something like apprehension, but then scrabbles his way into The Land.  He disappears for long stretches of time.

Having read far too many books, I have developed the theory that he is taking tea with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, or, unfortunately, with the White Queen.  Or perhaps he is having a pint of butterbeer in the Three Broomsticks.  Either way, I am tempted to try to follow him.  So far, though, I haven’t worked up the courage.

He is late for his tea (or butterbeer)!

It's a tight squeeze, but worth it for the adventure...

The Return

"Damn, she caught me!"




One response

31 05 2010

That tight squeeze pic looks uncomfortable! :/

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