Packing By The Numbers

23 05 2010

Days until the move: 5

Songs played while packing: 117

Showers scrubbed: 1

Loads of laundry: 6

Times I wandered aimlessly around the living room: 1,500

Rolls of scotch tape found in my desk drawers: 8

Times I checked facebook: 150

Snacks I ate: 4

Blog updates: 2

Hours my future in-laws spent packing: 2

Number of boxes they packed: 10

Hours I spent packing: 9

Number of boxes I packed: <1

Thank you, Patty and Doug.




One response

23 05 2010
patty adams

You are too kind, after 34 years Doug and I just sort of jump in as a team and time flies. We sure didn’t feel like we did much. I enjoyed spending time at the florist with your mom and also thanks for giving us time to see the house go out for good food and generally take time away that you should have been working on packing…..oh well. Let me know what the vet says about Charlie.
Debbie, Carol and I would love to stay with your mom on the 12th Sat. if she has room for the 3 of us. We will leave on Sunday to La Pine to visit with my friend Etta and head home, Carol has to work Sunday night. If it proves to be a problem for unforseen changes let us know and we will book a room at the place Doug and I stayed at this weekend. Love you, MILTB

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